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Summer Vacation? Don’t Forget the Greenstreet!

Summer time is upon us with all its glory. BBQ’s, block party’s, the beach and traveling. Going away for a vacation can be a breath of fresh air for us all. However if you ever find yourself enjoying vacation but not your morning coffee, here is the fix. After talking with some good friends who love the places they go but not the coffee or espresso they find in shops there, we thought about what you can pack to help make your morning coffee as fantastic as enjoying the sunrise on vacation.

First having a grinder is key to keeping whole beans and ensuring freshness. We sell YAMA ($25) and HARIO ($35) handgrinders that use burrs and work very well. Next, get your brew device. We sell a Chemex kit (includes kettle, filters, bag of beans and chemex $75) and aeropress. Since it is hot, cold brewing the coffee will be an easy way to also provide coffee for all your loved ones with you.

Next, get some great beans. You can find these beans from us currently:

Colombia, Granja La Esperanza

Honey – Cherry – Toffee

Origin – Colombia, Valle de Cauca
Varietal – Caturra
Method – Traditional Washed Process
Organic Certification GB-ORG-04 and Rainforest Alliance Certified


El Salvador, Finca Las Nubes

Fig – Raisin – Chocolate

Origin – El Salvador, San Salvador
Varietal – Bourbon
Method – Semi washed and dried on raised beds (sometimes referred to as “honey” processed)
Relationship Trade


Nicaragua, Finca Santa Teresa

Peach – Apricot – Toffee

Origin – Nicaragua, Los Planes Diplito
Varietal – Maragogype
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