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What’s the Difference Between Coffee Brew Methods?

When you walk into Greenstreet Coffee Co., you can’t miss our display of the wide range of brew methods available for purchase. We understand that this could be a bit intimidating to some. You might be thinking, “Don’t they all do the same thing…brew coffee?” This is true, but from the French Press Pot to the Hermiston, each brew method yields a unique cup every time.

Let’s discuss the major differences, shall we?

Yama French Press Pot: This is a full immersion brewer with a metal filter that allows for a heavy, whole-mouth feel. Because it uses a plunger, its easy to over extract if the coffee makes contact with water for too long. Perfect brew time is about 4 minutes.

Chemex: Brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. This method is similar to a drip, but since you’re brewing by hand, you have more control over variables like time, temperature, grind size, and coffee-to-water ratio. Different variations can yield a denser or less dense cup of coffee, or more overall clarity. In general, a Chemex makes a well-balanced cup in about 3 minutes.

Hermiston Pot: Boasting a metal mesh filter, this brewer allows more compounds to pass through, which yields a bigger body. The metal filter makes it similar to French Press, but since its a pour-over (like a Chemex!), there’s no room for over extraction. And since you’re not plunging it like the French Press, there won’t be any messy coffee residue. This one could pass as a French Press/Chemex hybrid.

Aeropress: This is a full immersion brewer that yields rich flavor without all the bitterness. Even though all the oils are absorbed by the paper filter, the coarse grind size will allows for a full body to develop. Aeropress brews coffee in a similar way to espresso because of the force of pressure. In a rush? You can make a good, dense coffee in 1 minute.


Top left: Chemex, Top right: Yama French Press Pot

Bottom left: Aeropress, Bottom right: Hermiston Pot

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