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Where the Magic Happens – A Peak Inside Greenstreet Roasting

Picture this. A small space on Alter Street in Philadelphia with white brick walls, shelves of bagged coffee ready to be delivered, pallets of burlap bags filled with green coffee awaiting the roaster, and a sole Ambex roaster where the Greenstreet magic happens. This is where days are dedicated to sustainability, transparency, and quality coffee.

John, our lead roaster, starts his day by cleaning out the roaster to ensure the safest and smoothest roasting process possible. He spends at least 8 hours a day roasting to fulfill orders for local Philadelphia businesses and for our cafe. Leaning over the roaster, paying close attention to temperature and air flow, John likes to think of himself as a pilot or a ship captain; attention to detail is key, and there is no room for error.

Each batch of coffee takes 14-22 minutes depending upon the roast profile. The roaster brings the coffee to its desired roasting temperature, then John releases it to be cooled. Greenstreet roasts upwards of 1000 pounds of coffee per week, with each batch maxing out at 30 pounds. Our most popular coffee to date is the Ethiopian Kellensoo.

Chris uses his office space in the roaster to make phone calls, send emails, receive orders, and everything else that keeps the logistics of running the roaster in order.

Between roasting, bagging, and delivering over a thousand pounds of coffee per week, we’ve got our hands full over on Alter Street.


Top left: Tom helps bag some coffee to fill a wholesale order.

Top right: John adjusts air and temperature controls to roast the perfect Papua New Guinea.

Bottom left: Chris checks on pending orders to keep productivity up.

Bottom right: John
finishes a batch of Columbian and releases it to cool.

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