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New and Exciting: Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School


So we’re trying something new here at Greenstreet Coffee Co. and we want you to join in. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of home brewing with our beloved customers and its called Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School.

Beginning this month, we’re offering brew classes where you can come in, sample several of our most popular coffees, and learn multiple ways to brew up the perfect cup of coffee in a friendly, hands-on environment.

Join us for our first class?

What: Full Immersion Brewing 101!

When: Wednesday April 16th and 6pm

Where: Greenstreet Coffee Co. (11th and Spruce)

Learn which Greenstreet coffee is your favorite, which brew method is right for you to bring home, and become a coffee connoisseur in the process! Our first class will be all about full immersion brewers. We’ll be working with French Press Pots and the Vacuum Siphon. Just come on in and 6 and join the fun.

See you April 16th!

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