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What the Hermiston?!

A man came into the cafe the other day asking for our darkest, boldest coffee hand brewed. This is a request we get a lot over here at Greenstreet Coffee Co., so we decided to share our thoughts on this with you.

What we love about the diversity of coffee is that there’s a roast for every personality. We told our friend about the Lupara, which is our espresso roast, which could have been right up his alley. But when we mentioned that the Papa New Guinea, Waghi Bob was lowest in acidity of all our coffees, this really peaked his interest.

As far as brew method, since he wanted a hand brewed cup, we thought the Hermiston Pot suited his needs. A Hermiston Pot looks similar to a Chemex, but uses a metal mesh filter as opposed to paper filters. Paper filters absorb more of the oils in the coffee, but what you gain in clarity, you lose in body. Since more compounds are able to pass through the Hermiston’s mesh filter, this allows the big body to shine.

After all was said and done, our friend said that it was the best cup of coffee he had ever had. All in a day’s work.

Think the Hermiston Pot might be for you? We have them available for purchase at 11th and Spruce for $39. You’ll never have to purchase filters again.

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