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We got what you Need…to brew Awesome Coffee!

Over here at GreenStreet we have everything you need to brew the perfect cup at home. We currently offer 10+ pieces you can mix and match to make your kitchen set up complete. Here’s a taste:

Chemex (8 or 6 cup): Brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. Invented by a chemist, also doubles as a last-minute science project for your kids. We have nifty chemex brew guides you can take too! $40

Chemex Mug: Yes, a chemex mug! A mug in the shape of a chemex made with tough borosilicate glass. It is beautiful. $14

Chemex Glass Top: Sits on top of Chemex cup after brewing to keep your fresh brewed coffee warm. $6

Hermiston: Yama a Japanese manufacturer of coffee devices presents this very similar chemex piece. Comes with a stainless steel metal filter that will allow you to get your brew on at home and never run out of filters anymore. $39

Aeropress: This total immersion brewer yields rich flavor without all the bitterness. Only takes 20 seconds to press the perfect grit-free cup but the total possibilities of grind size and brew time are endless. We also carry the filters. $38

Yama Steel Kettle: Rust-resistant and durable, this stainless steel kettle adds a touch of style to home brewing and gives you control over your pour. $40

Yama Grinder: This portable grinder will be a space-saver in your kitchen, and its adjustable for all brewing methods. Do it better with burrs! $25

Yama Press Pot: A sleek French Press, 32oz. $30

Hario v60: In Japanese, Hario means “The King of Glass.” Easy to use, this brewer allows you to control flow, timing, and temperature for better brewing. We also carry the filters for your convenience. $21

KeepCup: Be fashionable and green! Colorful, lightweight, and unbreakable; this reusable cup comes in 8, 12, and 16 ounces. They look great and one will save over 20 paper cups and lids. $12, $14 & $16

Tea Pot: Our tea pot boasts high quality glass and a beautiful gold leafing. It is manufactured by YAMA and is a Limited Edition. $24

The Greenstreet “Chemex Kit”: This is our pride and joy plus a great value! You get a chemex, gooseneck kettle, box of filters and 12oz bag of coffee of your choice. $75

Feel free to come in at any time to learn more about our array of brew items! Our knowledgeable Baristas will be pumped to  help you pick just the right piece to brew your perfect cup and if they are too busy walk you through brewing with it as well.

Brew Well and cheers from all your friends at Greenstreet!

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