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Indy Hall Coffee Taste-Off 2013

indyhallcoffee: Cool Stuff, great to see folks taking their coffee seriously…hats off to Indy Hall!


Indy Hall, a thriving coworking community in Philadelphia with a thirst for great coffee, has been brewing blends by One Village Coffee and La Colombe for almost two years. With a recent influx of new members over that same period 2012-2013 (doubling the total membership – now roughly 250) we decided it was time to hold another taste-off and see what the members would be most interested in drinking.

The Plan

We invited sixteen roasters (some of the best in the US) to participate. They would have to agree to send us free samples of their most competitive coffees (for an auto drip brewing system and a semi-automatic espresso machine). We would hold a tasting event (blind) and then tally the scores. The winning roasters (2) would get guaranteed business from Indy Hall for the entirety of 2014 (to the tune of 10lbs/month). Here’s a copy of the message we sent to them…

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