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Inside GreenStreet 2.0

Continuing on Greenstreet’s tradition of bringing the consumer closer to their coffee, here is the second edition of Inside Greenstreet. We want to make sure that anyone who drinks at Greenstreet Coffee Co. knows who is crafting their daily coffee fix, even if they don’t have time to chat while in the shop. Here is an updated post with the most recent peeps at Greenstreet. To get the full scoop, head here afterward to read up on our owners, other baristas, and past shot extractors.

Walter aka The Win (Barista):


Where were you before working here?

Teaching 8th and 9th Grade art at Spring Side Chestnut Hill Academy, after graduating from Cooper Union in Spring of 2011.

What is your most memorable Coffee Experience?

There was a café near Cooper Union, called Abraco coffee shop where people would line up out the door and around the corner. The owner hand selected his beans and carefully controlled the roasting process to make excellent coffee.

What is your favorite type of coffee drink to make/drink?

Cappuccinos, because they have the best blend of espresso and milk. But it depends on when you’re drinking them. They’re not as good if you’re full or it’s really hot out because they have a lot of milk and they’re really heavy.

What do you think the most impressive way of brewing coffee is?

Siphoning is a really cool brew method. It’s very scientific, involving a two-chambered glass device. The grounds are put on top and boiling water is put below, and eventually, when you let air into it, the water shoots up into the coffee, and eventually it comes back down and the coffee beans are trapped and brewed. There’s only one siphon bar in all of Philadelphia, in Chinatown.

What’s your favorite GreenStreet Coffee?

I really got into Mexican coffee over the summer, and we have a really good Mexican Chiapas right now.

David aka Shabby (Barista):


Where were you before working at GreenStreet?

Finishing a degree in chemistry at Temple. I graduated in May, 2013.

What has been your most memorable coffee experience?

Probably working here and discovering single-origins espressos. I love learning the distinct tastes and qualities different beans have according to where they’re from and how they’re prepared. Before working here I never questioned the process of the espresso and how coffee is made. Since working here, I’ve learned to appreciate how the coffee taste varies from batch to batch.

What’s your favorite type of coffee in the shop right now?

The Ethiopian Kellensoo as espresso.

What’s your favorite type of coffee drink to make or drink?

Cappuccinos but also macchiato.

Molly P. aka the Mollster (Barista):


Where were you before you came here?

I was working with TNN, a South Philly business doing offsite Catering for them all over the greater Philadelphia Megatropolis area.

What is your favorite coffee experience?

Hmm… I’ve been working in coffee for a long time. I think when I was working at Starbucks, it was really nice to see them switch back to really caring for coffee. They were growing really fast and getting away from their roots by using pre-packaged and pod coffee. But then they switched back to pulling shots and caring about the origins of their coffee, which was good to see. That’s what I love about Greenstreet. They are so in touch with the origins of their beans. It’s not just computers and calls with them, they deal with real people everyday.

 What’s your favorite type of coffee at Greenstreet right now?

The Ethiopian Kellensoo. I literally push it on people and tell them, No, you don’t want that, you want this.

What’s your favorite type of brewing method?

Cold brew

Devon aka TBA (Barista):


Where were you working before here?

Well, in high school, I got a job at a CounterCulture shop in my home town. So I trained to be a barista there. Then when I started going to Temple, I wanted to work somewhere high-end like that, and ended up working at Saxby’s for four years. After college I started working as a waitress at a restaurant that sells Greenstreet coffee, and was friends with two people that worked for Greenstreet as well. That’s how I met Tom and Chris and got this job!

What’s your most memorable coffee experience?

I went to a cupping with Counter Culture, which was super cool and also over whelming. They made us guess what kinds of flavors might be in the coffees, and I got a couple of them right, which was super cool. It felt awesome to be professional like that.

What’s your favorite type of coffee at Greenstreet right now?

I had an espresso shot of the Nicaragua, Santa Teresa that came in today. It was so good and it’s only going to mellow out and develop more flavors with time, which is really exciting.

Emma Thorp aka Em (Intern)


Where were you before here?

I’m originally from D.C., but I lived in Copenhagen last semester. This year I’m a senior at Bryn Mawr College.

What is your most memorable coffee experience?

Probably going to visit a friend in Berlin and having her teach me how to say “Can I have a coffee” in German. And the barista actually understood me! Of course, I think the language of coffee is pretty universal.

What is your favorite type of coffee to drink?

Lattes. I love just regular coffee with a little bit of milk and maybe some sugar, but lattes remind me a lot of Copenhagen, so they’re very sentimental to me.

 What’s your favorite type of Greenstreet Coffee?

I had the Kenyan Thika. I had it the other day and it blew my mind.

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