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Welcoming in Fall This Week at GreenStreet

On Thursday, Chris and Tom gave an enthusiastic talk to Business School students at St. Joseph’s university about creating and maintaining a sustainable business. Students were enthralled with the journey we’ve gone through to get to the point we’re at today, as well as the whole business of roasting coffee in general. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a fascinating business, filled with intricate processes and nuanced language. The importance of sustainability kept coming up during the discussion, and the way GreenStreet has worked to continually serve both people and the planet. What was so striking was the way GreenStreet has always diligently incorporated eco-friendly and people-friendly practices into our business model. Students kept asking about the difficulties and compromises we‘ve had to make in our effort for sustainability, and time after time, both Chris and Tom responded that the sacrifices were few and far between. Eco-friendly practices are so inherent in our company that, while of course it’s more effort, it’s simply part of our day-to-day operation.


Also on Thursday, our fellow roaster John recently attended Common Market’s  Warehouse Warming Party! The event was meant to celebrate both Common Market’s new warehouse space on 428 E Erie Avenue, and celebrate the market’s 5th anniversary! The party was shared  with RSF Social Finance, a new nonprofit financial services organization from San Francisco that offers services to generate positive social and environmental effects.

For more info on the event, visit:

Coming soon to 11th & Spruce

Our favorite biscotti brand, Bucks County Biscotti, will be beckoning in fall with us by providing us with Pumpkin Pecan biscotti. It pairs deliciously with almost any of our coffee. Stop in and try one before they blow away.


Nathan Miller Chocolates will soon be selling his gourmet goods in our shop as well! Nathan Miller has been working as a gourmet chocolatier out of Colorado before recently transitioning to creating confections in Philly. Right now we’re looking at selling the following types of artisanal chocolates:

Bolivia, a dark chocolate that puts the sweet in bittersweet

Hispaniola, a rich full, well rounded taste, as if you can taste the hot, dry winds with the sun beating down on the cocoa beans.

Dark Milk Wafer, playfully sweet and light. The texture is a little grainier than the other two types, but would work very well as a way to sweeten your coffee.

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