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Bidding adieu to Ayana

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our summer intern, Ayana. She did a great job helping us this summer and was the voice behind our twitter and a few blog posts on Tom and I. Ayana’s got skills but she had to go back to finish her last year at Temple. We gave her a short Q & A to share with the world about what her deal is. Her deal is good.

Chris: Q. What school are you in, year and major?

Ayana: A. I’m a senior at Temple, and my major is advertising.
Chris: Q. What are your ambitions for after graduation?
Ayana: A. I’m playing around with the idea of teaching English in South Korea for a year before finding a job. If I change my mind, I’ll go straight to the job hunt. I’m mostly interested in marketing, film, and television production.
Chris: Q. What is your most memorable/ fun experience at Greenstreet?
Ayana: A.  I can’t think of a specific moment. I was always happy to go to the roaster and cafe. The friendly environment put me at ease. Everything was new to me, so it was all memorable.
Chris: Q. Did you have a favorite Greenstreet Coffee, ( drink or coffee) and if so which one and why?

Ayana: A. My favorite was the Mexican Chiapas. I think it’s because it was the first Greenstreet coffee I drank (while Tom was interviewing me for the internship). It was the first time I realized coffee could have a distinct flavor; I used to think they all tasted the same. Whenever I tried the others, I had a habit of deciding on their tasting notes in reference to the Chiapas.

Good luck this semester and beyond Ayana, and we are excited to see more of you!


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