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Move-In Day

        The recent passing of Independence Day gave us an idea. This post will provide a glimpse into one of our new beginnings, the day we moved to the current roaster location.

      The Molieri brothers moved Greenstreet Coffee Roasters to 1919 Alter Street at the start of May of last year. They arrived in the early morning of a soon to be sunny day. The drive over was hectic. Chris was at the wheel of the UHAUL truck while Tom was in the back making sure the roaster didn’t fall over. Alter Street was littered with trucks parked in front of the many homes under construction. Luckily, Chris didn’t hit one of them as he drove down the narrow road. The vehicles’ mirrors were almost touching. They were both nervous, yet too happy to let apprehension upset them. Tom didn’t let the negative possibilities bother him, and Chris knew that everything would work out.

            They had to move because the previous building, a commissary kitchen located on Broad Street, was scheduled to become an apartment complex. The appearance of a for-sale sign rooted in front of the new location couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The building originally housed inventory for the Lit Brothers’ department store, a large Philadelphia-based company that no longer exists. It was once filled with carts hauling supplies along tracks. Over time, it was sectioned off into compartments for various companies occupying the space. It was large, empty, and composed of brick and stone. It seemed as if the homey space had chosen them. It was almost perfect, but needed work. There was no bathroom, and the ventilation needed improvements. The largest burden was the gas. It took extra time to get the gas company to make the necessary installations for the roaster, and there was a leak that needed to be repaired. Altogether, the initial transition took less than a week.

         Dealing with the realtor, landlord, the city’s requirements, and gas department were worth the joyous moment in which everything began to run smoothly. They roasted a slew of coffee beans as soon as the roaster was ready. The Rocket Roast, Rooster Roast, Ethiopian Sidamo, and  Papua New Guinea Sigri were among the coffees roasted. Friends, and others who were aware of the move stopped by to congratulate them as the day progressed. They were too busy to celebrate until they threw their first annual block party. Since then, they’ve enjoyed the interesting dynamic of being located between industrial companies on one street, and residential areas on the other. The residents gave a warm welcome when Greenstreet re-located, and Greenstreet has done the same for the new neighbors who’ve arrived since then

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