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Upcoming origin trip to Brazil

Greenstreet Coffee has an upcoming origin trip to Brazil next week. The trip is in connection with Think Coffee out of NYC. We love Think Coffee’s style of doing business and social equity driven mission and we’ve worked with Think on a coffee earlier this year and are excited to work with them again. We will visit farms of the Minas Gerais state in Brazil including Daterra.

Daterra’s coffee had me the first time I tried it and learned about it’s origin. Right now, we’re getting a washed coffee from there and it’s the cleanest Brazilian coffee that I think exists. I’m excited to visit the Daterra farms and learn more about the potential of semi-washed Brazilian coffees from Daterra. We’ll also be visiting farms in Cerrado and Mogiana to get more information on the current crop there, the farming practices in place and pulping methods. A buying trip of this type is great since it will promote and support transparency in sourcing. Keep a look out here from updates from Brazil!

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