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Lupara Espresso will knock you out!

Finally, we’ve found the right coffee, blended it just right and gave it the right name. It’s the Lupara Espresso and its special for so many reasons. First of all let’s address the name: What does Lupara mean? That’s the same question I had when Tom gave me the name for this blend we worked with a local shop manager and former barista competitor and champion to develop. Hold on espresso lovers, Lupara is an Italian word used to describe a shotgun. This espresso will knock you out! And can I add, blow you away! Ok, enough with the cute stuff – and yes it’s cute. If you care to read more on the origin and pronunciation, which I’d recommend here’s your shot.

And if you’re ready to be blown away by what’s in this amazing coffee here it is: It’s a base of Brazil beans, currently Cerrado. Next up we wanted to go far and wide and malty and spicy so we added Papua New Guinea beans and lastly we couldn’t stay away from the excitement that we’ve had from Guatemalan coffee and the high acidity plus their chocólately taste in the medium dark roast so we added the Guatemalan to top it off. 3 very different coffees blended and roasted to perfection. It’s truly a perfect espresso. 55% Brazil, 25% PNG & 20% Guatemalan roasted just into the 2nd crack. Lupara reaches into our Italian heritage ( but not Cosa Nostra far) and embodies one of the most excellent espresso blend combinations available. We’re excited about it!

Its available 2 places right now: OCF 20th & Federal & Original Coffee Bar in Collingdale. Actually, 3: Or come visit us at our shop at 1919 Alter to buy 1 pound or 5.

Full Disclosure: No La Costa Nostra were harmed in the making of this espresso.

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