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Kenya, Kiriani

We bought a bag of Kenyan, Kiriani coffee a few weeks bag and have really enjoyed the taste of this coffee. This coffee was cupped with 10 others in July and this one stood up and yelled at me “buy me, I’m the best”. I’m joking, but it truly stood out as the best tasting coffee on the table… so we bought it! We’ll be featuring this coffee as long as we have it and will eagerly await more opportunities to bring in Kenyan coffees, since they are among some of the most complex and rich tasting coffees in the world.

Kiriaini estate coffee is grown from the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in the central highlands of Kenya, just south of the Equator. These coffees are known in Kenya as ‘THIKA’ origins.The owner Mrs Rakeli Njeri Njoroge has devoted her fulltime energy to coffee farming since the 1960’s with her daughter Jane Njoroge. Kiriaini is located in Gatanga, Thika District, North East of the capital Nairobi at an altitude of 1,680 metres above sea level. The coffee variety is known as SL28 and once processed has the appearance of bourbon coffees. Coffee at Kiriaini is wet Processed. Red ripe cherry is picked from the fields. This is then pulped immediately and fermented to remove the mucilage. When fermentation is complete the parchment is washed with clean water, graded and spread onto raised beds for drying. While sun drying all defective beans are removed by hand.

Our tasting notes: This cup abounds with flavors of dark chocolate, cherry , date, fig and permeates with a full mouthfeel and satisfying finish.

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