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Growers First Foundation

We came upon the Growers First Foundation and share a mutual passion for sourcing coffee through a model which we think they’re doing a great job of working on – the connection we have with Growers First is our Honduras Siguatepeque coffee from the Cohorsil Cooperative in Honduras. It’s a sweet coffee we have been sourcing for a little over year ( almost from day 1) and have enjoyed it for it’s consistency and quality. It cups very well and is an enjoyable mild coffee. After discovering this coffee and it’s quality we immediately started researching it’s origin and story and discovered the many growers and cooperatives in Siquatepeque, Honduras. The coffee we’re buying comes from the Cohorsil Cooperative and like numerous cooperatives in this area of Honduras makes a commitment to economic prosperity through the cooperative structure. Cooperatives in this area of Honduras help to diffuse the cost of production for small plot farms and create selling power through numbers to allow for better pricing. While ensuring a higher than commodity price through the cooperative structure the farmers earn a good living wage, which allows them the opportunity to reinvest in their community, familes and schools and ulitmately live healthy, happy lives. Growers First Foundation is doing a great job of bringing this model to light and we wanted to share a link on one of the farmers that Growers First works with. We’re excited to see more of this transparent open type of work and admire their efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of those involved in the process of growing and producing great tasting coffee.

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