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“The dream of the 90′s is alive in Portland, Portland”

If you recognize the subject line, you’ve probably seen Portlandia, and if you haven’t seen it, It’s definitely a show worth watching. It’s co-written by Fred Armisen of SNL and a super funny satirical take on life in Portland. After living here in 2010 and seeing the show after moving back to Philly, I couldn’t stop enjoying how much is represents life in PDX.

I mention this since I’m in Portland this weekend for SCAA 2012 and loving it! The conference is amazing and the first morning here I met up with Sergio Reyes of Los Planes in El Salvador, whose farm I visited in February. Sergio’s coffee placed 6th in a recent Cup of Excellence Competition and one of the great coffees he produces is a Pacamara, which he kept hyping up to me and then told me in his broken English how he thinks it might be sold out this year, finally he conceded he thinks he can get me 5 bags and after cupping in El Sal. in Feb. I’m sure it would be worth every bag to offer as a great single origin – one to expect sometime before summer. I also saw Fernando Liu who is very well know in El Salvador coffee. He’s manager of Cuzcachapa Cooperative and owns several farms himself. We purchased his Organic, Santa Elena, bourbon. coffee for this year.

There’s a lot more to discover at the SCAA event and I couldn’t be more stoked to be here, back in Portland and meeting so many coffee enthusiasts.

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