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better relationships = better coffee.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a coffee importer with an office in Boston,InterAmerican. Charley, one of the team members who we have worked with was interested in coming to Philly to visit us. We had a really hectic week since we moved our roasting facility from 911 N. Broad St. to a dedicated space at 19th & Washington, but fortunately we were back at it on friday and happy to have Charley over for a visit.

Charley is very knowledgeable in coffee from his experience in Central America working as a Peace Corps volunteer and understands the business we operate in. We discussed a lot about coffee training and certified coffee cupping. We also talked about the logistics of bringing in coffee from origin. After going over more about the importing process and talking about the industry as a whole, I couldn’t help but continue to be pressed to stay focused as a coffee roasting company, although retail looks interesting. There are lots of ways one can work in coffee and lots of ways a company can grow, but for us at this moment, coffee roasting is our dedication. Getting to work closely with importers to receive information on the coffees we consider for purchase is something we value and we’re thankful for and a large part for us as a roasting company. Every purchase we make has an impact on a given farm and ultimately a person or family at that farm, therefore by spending time developing direct relationships with all of the parties involved in the supply chain we have a chance to better understand the issues from the farm level to the cup. And ultimately aquire better tasting coffee through good, clear, transparent, communication. Charley and I agreed, it’s about finding people with similar values, building good relationships and building trust, then working to source the best coffee possible while improving quality of life. We’re out to improve the world through this model and if we reach any of this goal, we will be happy with our work. This is one element that has and will continue to guide our coffee roasting company.

Thanks for stopping by Charley! (CM)

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