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We think we’re on to something with this coffee business

When it comes to specialty coffee there can be alot of lingo: microlots, varieties, origins, certifications and the list goes on. I just finished reading Equal Exchanges annual report and looked over their sales of nearly $40M and was really surprised to come to the realization that that’s over 100 times larger than ours will be in 2012. We’re no doubt are finding our niche in the specialty coffee roasting business and looking at companies like Equal Exchange help us consider where we stand in the market, both in sales and in brand. I checked them out because of their brand at first, then came upon their sales numbers and thought, why are EE’s customers so interested in supporting a company who has a reputation for looking out for and being the “little” guy, but doesn’t having sales of $40M make them not so little? It’s amazing to me that Green Street Coffee Roasters annual sales will likely be 100 times smaller than this and believe me this fact is almost sometimes enjoyable; remember “mo’ money equals mo’ problems”? I like being small at this stage and simply trying to do our best to grow the right way. We’re really small. And I think, in a good way. Just looking at the ways to grow our business doesn’t mean we don’t have to. We certainly do. But coming across sales of $40M with years of different strategies in the coffee business made me think to myself “chill out, do it right, and grow slow”. I guess I can add this to our book coffee ramblings. All joking aside, reading about Equal Exchange helped me realize that there continues to be an opportunity for true boot strappin’, start up companies like Green Street Coffee Roasters. So although $40 million sounds down right crazy, here’s to hoping our growth comes as a result of good relationships and great coffee.(CM)

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