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Learn the Differences Between our Most Popular Coffees

No two Greenstreet coffees are alike here, which can make choosing a favorite pretty difficult. We’re here to highlight the differences between our most popular coffees to make your job easier.

Papa New Guinea, Waghi Bob
Our lowest acidity, this coffee satisfies the coffee drinker who loves a good dark roast. Complex and sweet. Learn More & Order Online.
Tanzania, Peaberry:
Our #1 online seller, this coffee offers a big body and candy apple sweetness. Learn more & Order Online.
Mexican, Chiapas
This coffee has excellent acidity and is most notable for how balanced it is. Learn more & Order Online.
Sumatra, Wahana:
Resonant watermelon aroma and flavor transitions into earthy peppery finish (unconventional) Learn more & Order Online.
Ethiopia Kellensoo Sidamo:
Medium body with tasting notes of blueberry, honey and floral aroma, this coffee is perfect for that transition into spring. Learn more & Order Online.
Granja La Esperanza, Columbia:
Bright acidity, medium body, cherry tart dried cherry woodsy fresh cedar slight nuttiness Learn more & Order Online.
Lupara espresso:
Balanced blend, medium roasted. Smooth, velvety, and perfect for the traditional espresso drinker. Learn more & Order Online.

Still not sure? Join us for one of our brew classes and you’ll get to sample a selection of our most popular coffees! Stay tuned to our Tumblr, e-newsletter, and Twitter for information about upcoming classes.

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