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Pure Coffee Blog Gives Greenstreet A Perfect Rating

At Greenstreet, we love coffee fanatics. For one thing, we’re coffee fanatics ourselves. That’s why we put the amount of care and attention we do into every step of the coffee making process, from sourcing the best beans in the world, to roasting them ourselves in small batches to bring out their best flavor.

That’s why we love coming across what over coffee fanatics have to say about us, like Bill at Pure Coffee Blog. We we’re thrilled to see his review of his recent visit to our store, and get a full 6 out of 6 rating!

We love his vivid description of our Papua New Guinea, Waghi Bob (espresso) and the Ethiopia Sidamo, Kellensoo (chemex):

The espresso, pulled short with a light brown crema, extended notes of dark chocolate, lime juice, blackberry preserves, romaine and a little cracked wheat, making for a luscious, bright and sweet pull. The Ethiopian banged out blueberry, almond milk, a touch of cayenne pepper, chocolate wafer and some mineral water; a juicy and hardy brew with a light body.

Be sure to check out his full post here, and check out our Yelp reviews for more vivid descriptions of our coffee!

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