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Trickling Spring Field Trip!

Since mid 2014, I had wanted to visit Trickling Springs Creamery, the company that produces our milk and after bringing the idea to a staff meeting and coordinating with Trickling Springs, We at Greenstreet took the day off from regular work and went out to see where our milk comes from that goes in our drinks including each latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and cortado at our 11th & Spruce street location.

The day started at 7am from Alter Street, then we went to the retail shop to well, wake up the neighborhood a little bit – 8 guys standing out front of a coffee shop at 7am is a spectacular sight. Then after chatting for a few minutes, and generally starting to wake up, we got on the road to Franklin County that is about a 3 hour drive from Philadelphia.

The 1st car to get there arrived and we shopped Trickling Spring delicatessen for some snacks before we started the tour. We were met by their marketing staff, Andrew and Rhonda and went first to check out their bottle storage facility of glass. Here Andrew underscored how the glass milk jug can be re-used over several hundred times and offered for thought how great a reducer of trash it is to use glass as a bottling method.

Next we went to see where the milk comes in. The room was set up like a divider between the large containers of raw milk and acted as a gateway to where the milk goes through the pasteurization process.

Before the pasteurization process, there is another room where the heavy fat and cream gets separated and used to make things like butter and ice cream ( their ice cream both famous and delicious). The fat is also blended back into the milk for the beginning of homogenization process and after all this is done, it’s ready to be bottled. At their main machine a very old bottle loader is used that feeds milk containers to a filling conveyor.

To end the tour of the creamery, we had lunch at Trickling Springs onsite deli. Next up we hit the road to see where and on this day, how the cows are milked at the farms where they’re bred and now graze to produce milk. Enjoy!

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