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SCAA Farm Visit to Colombia


Colombia boasts exporting coffee to 44 countries across the globe. There are tremendous views and established hotel chains, restaurants and night life in the country to meet high end excitement and of course coffee growing is the engine to economic prosperity.

I had the opportunity to go on this trip with Specialty Coffee Association of America that includes many roasters from across the U.S. We visited several farms, mill stations, a dry mill, a freeze dry facility, and a specialty coffee convention that had a “best of” micro lot auction. Seeing how to grow coffee from germination to sprouting to planting was a whole new experience. In addition to simply growing coffee, there is a significant amount of effort that goes into farm renovations – this helps avoid things like commodity prices, broka, and rust. Several of the farms we visited know a lot about renovations because crop yields changing from year to year put renovations at the forefront. From travelling to Medellin, through Antioqua, Manizales, to Pereira, to Bogota was a thorough and hopefully has a lasting impact on the people I was able to meet.

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