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How to make an Iced Brew

Often around Summer the terms cold, iced, brew, and coffee pop up in the same phrase. In the hot weather and especially in the summer afternoons we enjoy a change to a cold caffeinated drink similar to hot. Leaving espresso aside, when it comes to making a cold drink there are a number of recipes. One new method to make a cold coffee drink is an “Iced Brew”. The detail this drink takes is a possibility why it’s more of a drink to make at home.

Here’s the recipe to making a fine summer beverage and the barista tools necessary to an Iced Brew.

  1. Hot water brewer
  2. Whole bean Coffee
  3. Burr Grinder
  4. Any hand brew maker ( I’m using a plastic one with 3 holes I found at a Philadelphia restaurant supply store)
  5. Filters to match your brew method
  6. Ice
  7. Mason Jar or any clear hot temperature container

How to:

Using 129 grams of ice or enough of the ice so to be under the top of the glass I am brewing into. Using more ice will require more ground coffee.

Then grinding your beans ( I’m using an natural processed coffee) Ethiopia Kilenso and putting in 28 grams into the filter.

Here’s where the drink gets exciting. The hot water is going to be poured over through the hand brew maker directly onto the ice. This will allow the coffee flavors to extract immediately as the hot water passes through and quickly becomes brewed coffee. Then as soon as the hot beverage hits the ice it melts. Coffee studies tell us that almost 90% of the coffee in any brew is extracted in the first 10% of the volume. Iced Brew takes advantage of this by making coffee turn into a cold drink right away. Leaving out the amount of hot water for the amount of ice should give you an even tasting coffee drink. A bit less than the regular amount and you end up with some ice still in the drink. Overall you want to keep some ice still in the drink without adding more to it.


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