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Product Review: Acaia Pearl

Hey, Chris here from Greenstreet Coffee. Every now and again you get the opportunity to buy a new coffee scale and fortunately as a coffee professional I was able to get to the top of the list pretty quick. Acaia Pearl scale is an affordable coffee tool but it’s expensive at soaring above $100 in retail. The greatest draw for me was that the scale does not require batteries. It has a USB rechargeable port much like other devices to charge. Acaia Pearl itself is light weight and easy to travel. It also has a very nice sleek look about it. The actual device offers much more settings than my previous scale CJ 4000.

The Acaia allows the user to change different modes of weight; grams, ounces and others. A newer feature is that it includes scale and timer display for self timing while brewing. It connects to an app that I highly recommend as the app guides you when making a pour over coffee such as a reminder to stop after 30 seconds for the first bloom and until the entire amount of coffee is brewed. From the app you can also do things like turn the volume on/off . You can also turn off/on the scale from the app.

It is a little finger sensitive so for changing modes, turning on off and taring it takes a “careful” touch because turning on off compared to changing modes can sometimes be a pain, but for certain all works well.  After a quick google search I found an online link. It’s a great coffee tool for any coffee professional.




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