Last night, we hosted this month’s Thursday Night Throwdown, a latte art competition where baristas from around the city joined together to compete for a cash prize. Twenty talented people brought their best hearts, rosettas, and tulips. During the competition, everyone in attendance enjoyed Iron Hill Brewery’s Greenstreet Brown Ale which is made using our […]

Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School = SUCCESS!

This past Wednesday, we held our first coffee brewing class here at 11th and Spruce. Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School is our new series of classes in which we teach YOU how to brew Greenstreet coffee by some less conventional methods. Our first class was “Full Immersion 101” covering French Presses and Vacuum Siphons. It […]

New and Exciting: Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School

  So we’re trying something new here at Greenstreet Coffee Co. and we want you to join in. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of home brewing with our beloved customers and its called Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School. Beginning this month, we’re offering brew classes where you can come in, sample several of […]

Philly Produce, Produced for you!

With the weather getting warmer it’s time to start thinking about warm summer nights, baseball games, fresh local vegetables and cold brewed coffee. This year we are really excited to join up with an urban farm in West-Philly to help put on Neighborhood Foods CSA. Through their CSA you can get fresh local vegetables in […]