Product Review: Acaia Pearl

Hey, Chris here from Greenstreet Coffee. Every now and again you get the opportunity to buy a new coffee scale and fortunately as a coffee professional I was able to get to the top of the list pretty quick. Acaia Pearl scale is an affordable coffee tool but it’s expensive at soaring above $100 in […]

How to make an Iced Brew

Often around Summer the terms cold, iced, brew, and coffee pop up in the same phrase. In the hot weather and especially in the summer afternoons we enjoy a change to a cold caffeinated drink similar to hot. Leaving espresso aside, when it comes to making a cold drink there are a number of recipes. One […]

What’s the Difference Between Coffee Brew Methods?

When you walk into Greenstreet Coffee Co., you can’t miss our display of the wide range of brew methods available for purchase. We understand that this could be a bit intimidating to some. You might be thinking, “Don’t they all do the same thing…brew coffee?” This is true, but from the French Press Pot to […]

Making the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

Everyone loves a good iced coffee once the weather gets warm. Here at Greenstreet, our iced coffee is never hot, which means it’s never bitter. We have two methods that we use to make our cold brew coffee: Toddy and the Kyoto. When you come to our cafe for your iced coffee fix, we generally […]

Coffee 101: The 10 Steps to Coffee

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth after oil. It’s obvious that humans love black liquids, whether they’re fueling our cars or our bodies. The fact of the matter is, most Americans who are used to waking up with Folgers in their cup are pretty far removed from the coffee process. Do you […]

We got what you Need…to brew Awesome Coffee!

Over here at GreenStreet we have everything you need to brew the perfect cup at home. We currently offer 10+ pieces you can mix and match to make your kitchen set up complete. Here’s a taste: Chemex (8 or 6 cup): Brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. Invented by a chemist, also […]

Lessons in Barista-ing

Is making a latte like riding a bicycle? Not that you’ll never forget how once it’s mastered, but in how it’s mastered at first. Lots of practice, but second nature as soon as it’s captured. All it takes is rehearsal to make it instinct to you.  On Friday, David Cohen, attempted to teach me how […]

Brewing Coffee in the Vacuum Pot

We are often asked about this precarious brew device. Yes, it looks like it belongs in a science lab. No, you cannot make meth in it. Yes, we can make you a cup of coffee in it. These are conversations that this unique looking device oft produces. For this post, lets explore a brief history […]

The Highly Acclaimed 90 Minute Method of Cold Brew

It’s August. Now begins the scramble for the beach and other summer favorites before autumn’s chill rolls in. Although it’s available all year round, our cold brew’s popularity peaks during the warmer months. People show interest in learning how to make this delicious beverage, but the hours the process consumes sound daunting. There’s a solution […]

Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew

           It’s hot outside. Humid too.  It’s that time of year in which the idea of hot coffee mixed with the afternoon sun can sound unpleasant. Many people opt for iced coffee, and others go for the somewhat lesser known cold brew. But what’s the difference between the two? Some interviews with baristas at Greenstreet […]

Learn the Basics of Cold Brew Coffee

Summertime is Cold Brew Time! Just because the temperature outside is rising does not mean that the coffee slows down. Rather, it changes form to a little something known as Cold Brew. Before we begin with this lesson, let me clear up some myths and explain some Cold Brew basics. I remember doing a demo at Whole […]