How to make an Iced Brew

Often around Summer the terms cold, iced, brew, and coffee pop up in the same phrase. In the hot weather and especially in the summer afternoons we enjoy a change to a cold caffeinated drink similar to hot. Leaving espresso aside, when it comes to making a cold drink there are a number of recipes. One […]

Central America Visit 2016

2016 started with a trip in January to Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Mexico by way of collaboration with coffee growers. This trip was made from several pretty interesting experiences since we traveled by bus from Nicaragua to Mexico. The trip began in Nicaragua where we met  a coffee grower and producer, Jorge Lagos.  Nicaragua is […]

Dolok Sanggul, Sumatra

Going to Indonesia was a huge honor and took a lot of planning, but the time invested is yielding a higher quality product from the producers of Dolok Sanggul. Here are several photos from my visit to Indonesia in May and more information about this coffee is here.

Trickling Spring Field Trip!

Since mid 2014, I had wanted to visit Trickling Springs Creamery, the company that produces our milk and after bringing the idea to a staff meeting and coordinating with Trickling Springs, We at Greenstreet took the day off from regular work and went out to see where our milk comes from that goes in our […]

Ethiopia 2014

Anytime I get a chance to visit a producing group that grows, harvests and mills the cherries to coffee that my company tastes and enjoys, I take that chance. I bring with me the excitement that comes from roasting and hand preparing coffee to the producer who does the growing and processing using their own learned […]

Summer Vacation? Don’t Forget the Greenstreet!

Summer time is upon us with all its glory. BBQ’s, block party’s, the beach and traveling. Going away for a vacation can be a breath of fresh air for us all. However if you ever find yourself enjoying vacation but not your morning coffee, here is the fix. After talking with some good friends who […]

Picture this. A small space on Alter Street in Philadelphia with white brick walls, shelves of bagged coffee ready to be delivered, pallets of burlap bags filled with green coffee awaiting the roaster, and a sole Ambex roaster where the Greenstreet magic happens. This is where days are dedicated to sustainability, transparency, and quality coffee. […]

#MyGreenstreet Instagram Contest

Care for a free drink? We thought so. Follow us on Instagram @greenstreetcoffee and tag pics of you having fun at our cafe or brewing Greenstreet coffee at home with #MyGreenstreet for a chance to win a free espresso drink. Get creative and share your personal Greenstreet experience with us! One winner will be announced […]

New and Exciting: Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School

  So we’re trying something new here at Greenstreet Coffee Co. and we want you to join in. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of home brewing with our beloved customers and its called Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School. Beginning this month, we’re offering brew classes where you can come in, sample several of […]

Greenstreet at Relay for Life

Last Saturday night, Greenstreet ventured out to Relay for Life at Jefferson University. Since Relay is an overnight event, we showed up later in the evening to keep the participants well caffeinated. A portion of all proceeds we raised during the event were donated to the American Cancer Society. At Greenstreet, we’re not just about […]

What the Hermiston?!

A man came into the cafe the other day asking for our darkest, boldest coffee hand brewed. This is a request we get a lot over here at Greenstreet Coffee Co., so we decided to share our thoughts on this with you. What we love about the diversity of coffee is that there’s a roast […]

We got what you Need…to brew Awesome Coffee!

Over here at GreenStreet we have everything you need to brew the perfect cup at home. We currently offer 10+ pieces you can mix and match to make your kitchen set up complete. Here’s a taste: Chemex (8 or 6 cup): Brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. Invented by a chemist, also […]

It’s a new day for Coffee in Philadelphia

For some time now, coffee in Philadelphia has received more national attention than it ever has over the last 15 years. This is attention is well deserved.   Think about 2004, just 10 years ago. What the best cup of coffee you could buy in Philadelphia…the best tasting? People may argue Starbucks, La Columbe, perhaps […]

Craft Coffee, What does it mean?

Craft coffee, specialty coffee, third wave coffee; whatever the term used to describe it, it is open to interpretation. This is not a startling revelation, but it is interesting to see this interpretation expressed through execution. Some cafes have syrups; some have only manual brew methods. Some make chai from scratch; some use a packaged […]

Fresh In…and tasting Fantastic

Introducing our natural processed Sumatra, Wahana. This coffee is from the Lintong growing region, northern sumatra, Indonesia. Different that most typical “wet hulled” coffees common in from sumatra, the beans of the wahana are dried inside the fruit. The Wahana Estate is a relatively new coffee farm in the classic Lintong growing district. Tasting Notes: […]

Coffee and Music

You’ve heard it before- working in a coffee shop can help increase your creativity. Not only have you probably experienced this yourself, but now it’s been proven scientifically. The Journal of Consumer Research recently published a study done by researchers at the University of Illinois who found that 70 decibels of noise can create the […]

To Caffeinate, or not to Caffeinate…

Caffeine — the college student’s best friend and the insomniac’s worst enemy. It can either ensure you get that last minute paper finished by 8AM or hinder your sleep at midnight. At Greenstreet, we take waking up and falling asleep seriously, and want to make sure you know just how much your daily dose of […]

MANE Conference

Last weekend, the Molieri Brothers, our roaster, John, and one of our newest baristas, Jeremy, represented GreenStreet at the annual Mid-Atalantic/Northeast Coffee Conference in Pawtucket Rhode Island. MANE provides a venue for people on all sides of producing coffee to come out, hang out, and geek out about every aspect of our favorite beverage. We […]

What Kind of Coffee are You?

People have a habit of comparing themselves. To other people, to animals, to fictional characters, and even, yes, coffee. Thanks to the infographic below, you can now see what your preferred method of ingesting coffee says about you. Of course, at GreenStreet, we can make almost any of these drinks, but we don’t think that our complex […]

Inside GreenStreet 2.0

Continuing on Greenstreet’s tradition of bringing the consumer closer to their coffee, here is the second edition of Inside Greenstreet. We want to make sure that anyone who drinks at Greenstreet Coffee Co. knows who is crafting their daily coffee fix, even if they don’t have time to chat while in the shop. Here is […]

Welcoming in Fall This Week at GreenStreet

On Thursday, Chris and Tom gave an enthusiastic talk to Business School students at St. Joseph’s university about creating and maintaining a sustainable business. Students were enthralled with the journey we’ve gone through to get to the point we’re at today, as well as the whole business of roasting coffee in general. And why wouldn’t they? […]

Bidding adieu to Ayana

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our summer intern, Ayana. She did a great job helping us this summer and was the voice behind our twitter and a few blog posts on Tom and I. Ayana’s got skills but she had to go back to finish her last year at Temple. We gave […]

Greenstreet Hosts Guest Barista

       Something exciting is coming our way, and this excitement will be in the form of Tim Pearson. He’s the New Jersey born and bred founder of Top Hat espresso catering. Tim and his wife have been catering for private parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and everything in between since January 2013.             At the […]

Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew

           It’s hot outside. Humid too.  It’s that time of year in which the idea of hot coffee mixed with the afternoon sun can sound unpleasant. Many people opt for iced coffee, and others go for the somewhat lesser known cold brew. But what’s the difference between the two? Some interviews with baristas at Greenstreet […]