Move-In Day

        The recent passing of Independence Day gave us an idea. This post will provide a glimpse into one of our new beginnings, the day we moved to the current roaster location.       The Molieri brothers moved Greenstreet Coffee Roasters to 1919 Alter Street at the start of May of last year. […]

Inside Greenstreet: Which Coffee, and Why?

     Many of you have probably heard the phrase, “People are creatures of habit.” There’s truth to that. There are certain places and things we always return to once we decide we like them. This also applies to coffee bars. We all have at least once place in mind when we need our caffeine […]

Talking over Coffee with Irene the Intern

Like with any new business, work at Greenstreet is complete fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. Tasks for me range from doing dishes from the last night’s cupping to helping out with reports and marketing projects. Chris and Tom always run in and out of the shop for a delivery or a meeting. The roaster is going and when the […]

We change everyday.

Getting good coffee to the market is the most exciting part of my job as a bean slinging coffee roaster. I’m posting now to scare the hell out of anyone who thinks GreenStreet Coffee will never change. We change everyday in very little bits some days and in bigger bits in other days. It’s life […]

Lupara Espresso will knock you out!

Finally, we’ve found the right coffee, blended it just right and gave it the right name. It’s the Lupara Espresso and its special for so many reasons. First of all let’s address the name: What does Lupara mean? That’s the same question I had when Tom gave me the name for this blend we worked […]

Kenya, Kiriani

We bought a bag of Kenyan, Kiriani coffee a few weeks bag and have really enjoyed the taste of this coffee. This coffee was cupped with 10 others in July and this one stood up and yelled at me “buy me, I’m the best”. I’m joking, but it truly stood out as the best tasting coffee on the […]

Buying Fresh and Buying Local

This is a picture I took while in Jamaica Plain, Mass. Buy Fresh and Buy Local. What if every coffee shop in Philly bought fresh and bought local?  Would shop owners isolate themselves by doing this or get to know their neighbors better? Maybe quality of life would increase? Whatever the outcome, it appears to me that more places […]

Busy weekend!

Busy Green Street Coffee weekend!  Tomorrow at 4pm we’re meeting with Samuel Demisse of Kaffa Coffee, an Ethiopian importing company based in Maryland that sources some great tasting Ethiopian coffees. We’re meeting up with Sammy then heading to Urban Outfitters at Jericho Cafe to do a cupping of his new crop Ardi. Shoud be rad! We’ve been sourcing coffee from […]

We think we’re on to something with this coffee business

When it comes to specialty coffee there can be alot of lingo: microlots, varieties, origins, certifications and the list goes on. I just finished reading Equal Exchanges annual report and looked over their sales of nearly $40M and was really surprised to come to the realization that that’s over 100 times larger than ours will be in 2012. We’re no […]

My sincerest thanks to…..

Green Street Coffee Roasters is moving along as we enter into the summer. Our company is less than a year old and we could not have done it without all the support from coffee lovers, friends and family. As we are moving along I have been taking time to reflect on how and why we are here.  […]

If you recognize the subject line, you’ve probably seen Portlandia, and if you haven’t seen it, It’s definitely a show worth watching. It’s co-written by Fred Armisen of SNL and a super funny satirical take on life in Portland. After living here in 2010 and seeing the show after moving back to Philly, I couldn’t […]