Philadelphia’s Hidden Gems – Greenstreet Coffee?

This is such a great post from the bloggers over at May I Have That Recipe. They’re showcasing some of their favorite spots in Philly. It turns out, the places they picked are some of our favorite places too, like Reading Terminal Market, Yards Brewing Company, and — wait, what? Greenstreet Coffee? Aw, shucks. Well, […]

We’re honored to be named one of Philly’s most sustainable coffee shops by! Here’s what they had to say: Locally roasted, Greenstreet Coffee Co. coffee can be found at the company’s own café and other Philly coffee shops. Green Street Coffee Co. maintains a philosophy of sustainability ensuring fair practices, including direct and transparent […]

Pure Coffee Blog Gives Greenstreet A Perfect Rating

At Greenstreet, we love coffee fanatics. For one thing, we’re coffee fanatics ourselves. That’s why we put the amount of care and attention we do into every step of the coffee making process, from sourcing the best beans in the world, to roasting them ourselves in small batches to bring out their best flavor. That’s […]

Indy Hall Coffee Taste-Off 2013

indyhallcoffee: Cool Stuff, great to see folks taking their coffee seriously…hats off to Indy Hall! Indy Hall, a thriving coworking community in Philadelphia with a thirst for great coffee, has been brewing blends by One Village Coffee and La Colombe for almost two years. With a recent influx of new members over that same period […]

We got a visit from the the Coffee Guru! Philadelphia’s coffee scene is exploding with new coffee entrepreneurs. Between the great shops and the influx of new roasters, Philly has become one of the leading caffeine destinations in the US. Although small in size, Green Street is quickly becoming a major player in this coffee […]

Our friends at Heirloom recently posted about their secret to the delicious coffee they serve their guests. No surprise, it’s Greenstreet! They particularly like the Tanzania Peaberry. Here’s an excerpt from their site: At Heirloom our guests particularly enjoy the Tanzania Peaberry, a medium-dark roasted coffee, with a lively acidity that offers notes of fruit […]