Dolok Sanggul, Sumatra

Going to Indonesia was a huge honor and took a lot of planning, but the time invested is yielding a higher quality product from the producers of Dolok Sanggul. Here are several photos from my visit to Indonesia in May and more information about this coffee is here.

Ethiopia 2014

Anytime I get a chance to visit a producing group that grows, harvests and mills the cherries to coffee that my company tastes and enjoys, I take that chance. I bring with me the excitement that comes from roasting and hand preparing coffee to the producer who does the growing and processing using their own learned […]

We’re honored to be named one of Philly’s most sustainable coffee shops by! Here’s what they had to say: Locally roasted, Greenstreet Coffee Co. coffee can be found at the company’s own café and other Philly coffee shops. Green Street Coffee Co. maintains a philosophy of sustainability ensuring fair practices, including direct and transparent […]

Coffee 101: The 10 Steps to Coffee

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth after oil. It’s obvious that humans love black liquids, whether they’re fueling our cars or our bodies. The fact of the matter is, most Americans who are used to waking up with Folgers in their cup are pretty far removed from the coffee process. Do you […]

Mexico & El Salvador origin trip 2014

In Mexico, I arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas to the Central Highland region of Chiapas to visit producing group Union Majomut. This group of over 1,000 members in 35 different communities grows our organic certified Mexican, Chiapas coffee. Their primary office is located in San Cristobal de las Casas and here I met the […]

Embarking on Next Origin Trip…Nicaragua

At this point you may know that Greenstreet is an artisan coffee roaster doing some great things in the coffee world. However if this is your first time reading about us, welcome. Greenstreet Coffee Roasters is dedicated to Direct Trade coffee and transparently sourcing the highest quality beans. Traveling to origin gives us a chance […]

A Brief Look into The Molieri Brothers’ Origin Trips

Greenstreet’s coffee beans are prepared at a number of farms before they are exported to us. We couldn’t exist without them. Origin trips give us the chance to witness the farmers in action. We also learn about their daily lives, and respective cultures. Chris has been on multiple origin trips to visit the farms that […]

Back from Brazil

Two weeks ago I arrived back from an 8 day trip to Brazil with a coffee wiz from New York, Matt Fury of Bushwick Seed Company. Matt started Bushwick with some people from a coffee retail company ( Think) he works at as a way to support and bring new, good coffee to the market […]

Upcoming origin trip to Brazil

Greenstreet Coffee has an upcoming origin trip to Brazil next week. The trip is in connection with Think Coffee out of NYC. We love Think Coffee’s style of doing business and social equity driven mission and we’ve worked with Think on a coffee earlier this year and are excited to work with them again. We […]

Origin Visit to Colombia with Fair Trade USA

I recently got back from Colombia where I joined Fair Trade USA to meet with ExpoCafe, coops, and coffee farmers. The trip included a lot of travel in 6-7 days and we went from Medellin to Bogota to Popayan to Cali. In Medellin we travelled about 2 hours outside of the city to farms in […]

Update from Colombia!

The crew at Greenstreet has undertaken the continual search to source the finest specialty coffees in the world with sustainability and quality as two of our central focuses. On this search we find ourselves in Colombia this week taking time to meeting farmers, local coffee experts, and enjoying the countries vibe.   Arriving late Sunday we awoke early […]

Kenya, Kiriani

We bought a bag of Kenyan, Kiriani coffee a few weeks bag and have really enjoyed the taste of this coffee. This coffee was cupped with 10 others in July and this one stood up and yelled at me “buy me, I’m the best”. I’m joking, but it truly stood out as the best tasting coffee on the […]

Growers First Foundation

We came upon the Growers First Foundation and share a mutual passion for sourcing coffee through a model which we think they’re doing a great job of working on – the connection we have with Growers First is our Honduras Siguatepeque coffee from the Cohorsil Cooperative in Honduras. It’s a sweet coffee we have been sourcing for a […]

better relationships = better coffee.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a coffee importer with an office in Boston,InterAmerican. Charley, one of the team members who we have worked with was interested in coming to Philly to visit us. We had a really hectic week since we moved our roasting facility from 911 N. Broad St. to a dedicated space […]