Busy weekend!

Busy Green Street Coffee weekend!  Tomorrow at 4pm we’re meeting with Samuel Demisse of Kaffa Coffee, an Ethiopian importing company based in Maryland that sources some great tasting Ethiopian coffees. We’re meeting up with Sammy then heading to Urban Outfitters at Jericho Cafe to do a cupping of his new crop Ardi. Shoud be rad! We’ve been sourcing coffee from […]

Learn the Basics of Cold Brew Coffee

Summertime is Cold Brew Time! Just because the temperature outside is rising does not mean that the coffee slows down. Rather, it changes form to a little something known as Cold Brew. Before we begin with this lesson, let me clear up some myths and explain some Cold Brew basics. I remember doing a demo at Whole […]

better relationships = better coffee.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a coffee importer with an office in Boston,InterAmerican. Charley, one of the team members who we have worked with was interested in coming to Philly to visit us. We had a really hectic week since we moved our roasting facility from 911 N. Broad St. to a dedicated space […]

My sincerest thanks to…..

Green Street Coffee Roasters is moving along as we enter into the summer. Our company is less than a year old and we could not have done it without all the support from coffee lovers, friends and family. As we are moving along I have been taking time to reflect on how and why we are here.  […]

If you recognize the subject line, you’ve probably seen Portlandia, and if you haven’t seen it, It’s definitely a show worth watching. It’s co-written by Fred Armisen of SNL and a super funny satirical take on life in Portland. After living here in 2010 and seeing the show after moving back to Philly, I couldn’t […]