What’s the Difference Between Coffee Brew Methods?

When you walk into Greenstreet Coffee Co., you can’t miss our display of the wide range of brew methods available for purchase. We understand that this could be a bit intimidating to some. You might be thinking, “Don’t they all do the same thing…brew coffee?” This is true, but from the French Press Pot to […]

New and Exciting: Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School

  So we’re trying something new here at Greenstreet Coffee Co. and we want you to join in. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of home brewing with our beloved customers and its called Greenstreet Coffee Co. Brew School. Beginning this month, we’re offering brew classes where you can come in, sample several of […]

Greenstreet at Relay for Life

Last Saturday night, Greenstreet ventured out to Relay for Life at Jefferson University. Since Relay is an overnight event, we showed up later in the evening to keep the participants well caffeinated. A portion of all proceeds we raised during the event were donated to the American Cancer Society. At Greenstreet, we’re not just about […]

Lessons in Barista-ing

Is making a latte like riding a bicycle? Not that you’ll never forget how once it’s mastered, but in how it’s mastered at first. Lots of practice, but second nature as soon as it’s captured. All it takes is rehearsal to make it instinct to you.  On Friday, David Cohen, attempted to teach me how […]

We got a visit from the the Coffee Guru! Philadelphia’s coffee scene is exploding with new coffee entrepreneurs. Between the great shops and the influx of new roasters, Philly has become one of the leading caffeine destinations in the US. Although small in size, Green Street is quickly becoming a major player in this coffee […]