We roast to order and you can taste the difference.

The Fresher the Better! Like most agricultural products that are altered by heat to become what we commonly know them as; the fresher your roast the better your coffee will taste.

4th aria (soprano): Liesgen

Ah, how sweet coffee tastes!
Lovelier than a thousand kisses,
Smoother than a muscatel wine.
Coffee, coffee, I must have it,
and should anyone wish to give me a treat,
ah! just pour me some coffee!

Music: Johann Sebastion Bach, 1734/35
Text: Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander) 1732

What is Roasting?

Roasting is the process of turning raw or green coffee into the brown roasted coffee that we love. The process is both physical and chemical and involves both art and science.
Green coffee’s cultivations will depend upon many factors including weather, climate, region and the care given by the grower. Each green coffee is unique. Adjusting each roast to maximize flavor and taste of those green beans is what we do. Our roast adjustments are done through three primary controls: Time, Temperature and airflow.

By making these adjustments we are able to capture the beans origin characteristics and offer a transparent taste in the cup. On the contrary if those beans are over roasted or burnt then the origin taste is clouded by a smokiness which masks the true flavor the beans had.

About Our Roaster

We roast on a 15 Kilogram Ambex. This trusty machine roasts about 30 pounds per batch. Roasting in this way allows us to have complete oversight and control of the roast process. Every bean that we put into a bag was closely monitored while it was roasted. No computer automation here. This is what sets GreenStreet apart as artisan roasters.