AeroPress Brewing Guide


The AeroPress is a unique device that combines simple and long lasting brew methods. It is a filtered, full immersion brewing method. This simply means that the coffee sits in water and is then filtered finely with a paper filter. The use of pressure to filter the coffee in an AeroPress does not make the resulting beverage espresso. In order to achieve “espresso” you would need 9 bars of pressure that extract coffee within about 30 seconds among other things. The AeroPress does however offer a dense cup with clarity not found in a French press or other full immersion brew methods.

Step 1. Assemble AeroPress


Assemble your AeroPress. Make sure the entire assembly is dry, since any residual moisture can compromise the device’s seal. Place plunger just inside the brew chamber and flip up. The brew chamber has the numbers on it and the plunger

Step 2. Grind Coffee


It is important for the coffee to be ground with a quality burr grinder. Grind size should be a bit finer than drip but not quite as fine as espresso.

Step 3. Dose Coffee


We recommend 16 grams of coffee to about 235 grams of water. Simply weighed; this is a heaping scoop using the included AeroPress spoon (Note: a household tablespoon is approx. 5 grams of ground coffee). Place provided funnel on top of brew chamber and add coffee. 30 pounds of pressure makes one precious cup of coffee!

Step 4. Bloom Coffee


Now we will add water. Total immersion time between coffee and water should be between 90 seconds and 2 minutes. 190 degree water is optimal so if boiling water let it sit for a moment. Fill brew chamber about halfway so that the freshly roasted coffee can have room to bloom.

Step 5. Stir & Add Water


Use the provided stirrer and give slow stirs. Add water to bring total level just below the top of the brew chamber. Prepare the paper filter inside the cap and screw the cap on tighly.

Step 6. Flip & Press


Flip the whole assembly over. Position it atop your cup and begin applying downward pressure. You ought to experience about 30 pounds of resistance here. At the end of plunge you will hear a hissing noise as the brew chamber release all air. It is normal and indicates there is no more liquid to plunge.

Alternative AeroPress Brewing Techniques

There are multiple ways to tweak AeroPress Brewing. We have found 3 that are the most common and taste the best. It is up to your preference but we prefer the 8oz method (outlined above). Here are two other available methods:

1. Factory Method
This is the method outlined by aerobie the AeroPress manufacturer and instructions for this come with the AeroPress.

2. 12oz Bypass Method
This method is where the AeroPress is brewed similar to the 8oz Inverted Method except more coffee is used and water is added at end of brew or to cup before AeroPress is plunged to yield a 12oz cup.

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