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A passion for single origins and organic blends is where our roots lie here at Greenstreet Coffee Roasters. In addition, we also offer fair trade certified coffees and direct trade coffees. Our tireless efforts for quality are shown by tasting every burlap bag of coffee we buy. It is this contagious passion for the bean that allows us to maintain consistency in the blends we offer. While some coffees are produced in great enough volume to be offered throughout the course of the entire year, single origins are great because they give us the opportunity to offer quality by its seasonality and at their peak of flavor. Regardless of single origin or blend, we don’t stop tasting all of the coffees we buy and have the philosophy that no coffee is worth selling to our customers unless we would gladly drink that coffee ourselves; and I can assure you, we do.

A lot can happen over a cup of well-roasted coffee which is why we go far and wide to find the best tasting single origins and take pride in knowing our roasts are an integral part to your day. Many beautiful, but often overlooked aspects go into your favorite brew; so get in touch and grab a cup, we’d love to chat!