Our Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child make great coffee. Well, it’s true! Every step of the way, from sourcing, to roasting, to brewing, it’s the talent and the passion of our team that makes Greenstreet coffee so special. So, let’s introduce you to them…


Jeremy Behne

Manager / Renaissance Man

A self described renaissance man, Jeremy takes pride in knowing about five minutes worth of information on almost any subject. Jeremy grew up in the mountains of Tennessee, where he spent a lot of his youth looking for palatable coffee shops with little success and not picking up his native accent with more success.

After preparing to be a barista in the best way he knew how (getting a liberal arts degree), Jeremy moved to Philadelphia to manage the cafe at 1101 Spruce. When not pulling shots or teaching others the art of Coffee, Jeremy can be found dancing to any style of music without rhythm, or enjoying sarcastic banter with friends. If you have some free time ask him about sustainable ethical coffee or any of our amazing coffee offerings.

Cara Bishop

Cara Bishop

Barista / Herbivore

The other redhead and resident art historian. Herbivore. Philly resident via Atlanta and Pittsburgh. Enjoys really really old books, binge watching TV shows, relaxing with a glass of wine, and when you bring your dog into the shop. Talk to me about your favorite vegetarian restaurant in town or museum exhibitions.

David Shabtay

David Shabtay

Barista / Musician

Hey everybody, my name is Dave Shabtay and I have had the pleasure of working as a Barista at our flagship 11th & Spruce café since its inception in May 2013.

Following my graduation from Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry in 2013, a passion for great coffee, cooking, and playing guitar continues to fuel my everyday lifestyle. In my free time I enjoy teaching guitar lessons, occasionally gigging in town and beyond, and wandering in Reading Terminal Market for fresh dinner supplies. My summertime is generally scheduled around Phish tour. Talk to me about food, coffee, vintage guitars/amps, wine, or ALF/Muppet trivia.

Follow my cooking and latte-art photography on Instagram @daveshabtay.

Kevin Melvin

Kevin Melvin

Barista / Philomath

Although he has only been a barista for 3 years, Kevin has been with Greenstreet since its inception nearly 2 years ago, and he feels that 2 years at Greenstreet is equivalent of 4 or 5 years elsewhere. Greenstreet has been an amazing learning experience for him, which just so happens to be one of his favorite things to do. Kevin likes to spend any time he can learning something new, and can get lost in Wikipedia for hours reading article upon article of all the most random subjects. When he isn’t drinking coffee, he is likely drinking a heavy stout or porter, playing guitar, or hanging out with his roommate, a 2 year old black cat named Leo.

Kevin’s true passion has been music since he was just a child, learning classical piano from the age of 5. He later got his bachelor’s degree in Audio Production and recorded an album as his senior project. In addition to music and audio, he also has a passion for extreme sports with a high risk of danger. His many hobbies include learning to play new instruments, tinkering with electronics, snowboarding, cheese making, playing video games, tasting new craft beers and whiskeys, knitting, rock climbing, watching indie movies, mustard making, and taking things apart to put them back together and see how they work. He hopes to soon add glassblowing and sailing to his list of hobbies as well. He is a very DIY person and usually tries to build his own things instead of buying them. Talk to him about something new you’ve recently learned and he’ll tell you something new that he just learned.


Tom Molieri

Co-owner / Roaster / Barista / Tech / Coffee Lover / Philly Guy

Tom is co-owner of Greenstreet Coffee together with his brother Chris. He is a La Marzoco Certified technician and he recently competed in the 2014 Big Eastern Brewer’s Cup placing as a finalist. This earned him a spot to compete at the national competition. Tom enjoys sharing his coffee knowledge and helping others brew a darn good cup!

He attended Girard College High School and graduated from Upper Darby High School. Tom received his BA from Temple University and went on to study at the Fels Insitute of Government at University of Pennsylvania. Tom left his graduate program to pursue growing Greenstreet Coffee. One of Tom’s proudest accomplishments was the completion of a year of service as an AmeriCorp VISTA in 2010.

He currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife.  You can contact Tom at Tom@greenstreetcoffee.com


Chris Molieri

Co-Founder / Craft Coffee Roaster / Dedicated Entrepreneur

Before starting Greenstreet Coffee, Chris completed his bachelors degree from Temple University majoring in Finance. Chris enjoys brewing pour over coffee and when not roasting coffee and focusing on business development and daily operations, Chris can be found networking with church friends, running or cycling, or listening to featured bands on Spotify. Chris has enjoyed living in Philadelphia for the past 8 years.

Jordan Koelmel

Jordan Koelmel

Barista/ Cat Lady

Jordan is a recent transplant to Philly from Denver, Colorado who’s life is stitched together with cross-country road trips. Her near-obsession with Sigmund Freud is apparent by her portrait tattoo of him, her cat named Siggi Freud, and her degree in Psychology. Jordan can usually be found painting portraits, doing backflips, or longboarding around with her arms full of discarded items she plans to turn into furniture. She enjoys growing plants, camping, bluegrass music, and craft beer, all in true Colorado style. Although she may seem reserved at times, Jordan can tear up a dance floor.

She has been working as a barista on and off for about 6 years and has never lost her passion for craft coffee. Working at several coffee shops in different parts of the country has given Jordan a well-rounded knowledge of coffee and a never-ending amount of stories to tell. Her literal and metaphoric thirst for coffee goodness has driven her to continue working as a barista and learning everything she can about that little fruit we all love.