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Sumatra Dolok Toba


Caramel – Graham Cracker – Mulling Spices

Origin: Lake Toba area of Sumatra
Varietal: Ateng, Djember, TimTim
Method: Fully washed

The Dolok Toba hails from the Lake Toba area of Sumatra. This is in the central region of Sumatra and the area is famous for coffees like Lintong and just a little further south Mandheling.

The Dolok Toba is a rare fully washed Sumatra coffee. Most Sumatra coffees are wet hulled or “Giling Basah” in the native language. The wet hulling is a process that de-husks the coffee cherry at about 30% moisture without adding any water (or washing) to the cherry. The coffee is dried and then milled again in order to clean it for export.

Sumatra unlike most coffee producing countries has plenty of water available which would make fully washing coffee more attainable but it is the heavy rains that prevent the utilization of the fully washed process. It is very difficult to successfully dry the coffee after it is soaked because of the heavy rains during harvest thus the wet-hulled method is most commonly used.

The Dolok has some of the earthy, syrupy characteristics typical of Sumatra but with a pristine clarity and clean sweet finish. The exporter and producer from Sumatra visited us here in Philadelphia and we work closely to ensure a responsible and fair price for this coffee.

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