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Colombia Luis Calderon: Huila – Geisha (6 ounces Roasted To Order)


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Variety: Geisha

Processing: Natural

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Luis Anibal Calderon

Altitude: 1500-1600m

This beautiful lot of Geisha coffee was grown by Luis Anibal Calderon on his farm in Huila, Colombia. Don Luis started his first Geisha plantings four years ago and after seeing the results he shifted his entire farm’s focus to producing specialty coffees. He now farms over twenty different varietals of coffee and is doing more processing on-site. Don Luis has recently expanded to producing honeys and naturals, and with the stellar results he’s been getting so far he hopes to expand natural production further with future crops. This natural Geisha lot was hand-picked, floated to remove any defective cherries, and then dried on raised beds for 25 days before a second hand-sorting selected the best cherries for milling.

Geisha coffees are well-regarded (and rightly so) for their floral taste profiles. Villa Betulia is one of the more complex Geishas. It isn’t as bright as some other Colombian coffees, but the subtlety and nuanced flavors of the bean make for a truly exciting experience every time you brew. There truly isn’t anything that can compare to a great Geisha coffee, and we’re excited to share this coffee with you.

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Auto-Drip, Chemex, Espresso, French Press, Perculator, Turkish, Vacuum Pot, Whole Bean

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