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Marco Ecosmart Under-Counter


Available Variations:

UC 10 Liter with Uber Font
UC 45 Liter with single Uber Font

UC 45 Liter with two Uber Fonts

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Precision Hot Water Delivery

Under-counter configurations include 7” or 11.5”-tall fonts, and 10- or 45-liter under-counter boilers, preserving counter space and encouraging customer interaction.
The Marco Ecosmart Under-counter font was redesigned in 2013 based on US customer feedback. The new font features:

A reduced-height option in the height between the counter and the dispense point.
The reduction in the distance between the counter and the dispense point makes it easier to fill a kettle, while also limiting heat loss during dispense. The height of this new font is 7 inches (177mm). An 11.5” font is still available, and accommodates a 51-ounce Bodum French press pot.

New dispense buttons.
The Ecosmart Under-counter font buttons have been redesigned for a streamlined aesthetic, and improved durability and ease of serviceability.

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