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Ripe Raspberry, Orange, Candied Raisin

Origin – Nicaragua, Los Planes Diplito
Varietal – Bourbon
Method – Semi-washed

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Excerpt from our blog:

“I arrived into Managua to meet up with Buseco Coffee Importer and then left the city for Ocotal, one of the three coffee regions of the country. We took the 4 hour ride by rental car and arrived Sunday afternoon to this coffee growing region. The next morning we headed into the hills of Los Planes Dipilto to visit Finca Santa Teresa owned by Jorge Luis Lagos Calix. Jorge’s farm consists of 9 lots that produce maragogype, catui, caturra, bourbon, ( red and yellow), and pacas varieties. His farm is Nicaragua’s highest elevation area and ranges from 1,350 – 1,550 meters.

Jorge has been producing coffee here since 2007 and after graduating in agronomy he readied himself to produce quality focused Nicaraguan coffees. Jorge’s farm is one of the only in Dipilto that has 2 natural springs that draws water to be used for watering and for those coffees that undergo the washing process. His coffees are pulped on site and completely shade-grown by trees that have been there for many decades and by newer ones that were recently planted. The trees provide shade for the farm workers and protect the plants from erosion during the wet season. Among the trees that provide shade are tangerine and orange, which we quickly ate of when offered by his farm manager Julio Bautista. This small lot production farm produces coffee in varieties of: catui 35%, bourbon 35%, caturra 20%, maragogype 10%

The coffee of this region is a part of the Dipilto, nueva segovia and Jorge’s coffee is dried on patios at Beneficio Las Segovias and also dry milled and sorted here. Then ready to be exported and roasted.”

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Central America

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